“Between the EE Retreats in Scotts Valley and Istanbul, and all the connections made along the way, Endeavor was a big part of our 2023. Andy and I are excited to lean in even more in 2024 and looking forward to spending more time with the community. ”

Owen Madrick
Co-Founder & COO, Certn

Selection as a Service

The Endeavor selection process progresses entrepreneurs through a series of mentoring meetings with current Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and Board Members. At each step in the journey, we strive to add unique value to you and your company while learning about your opportunities and challenges.


First Contact: Founders reach us through a variety of channels including our team’s proactive outreach, recommendations from our network, and self-nominations.


First Opinion Review: Meet with Endeavor staff to assess your fit based on criteria including scale, momentum, and values.


Second Opinion Reviews: Curated meetings with global peers and mentors who can share insights on your opportunities and challenges. Receive feedback on your business and make new global connections.


Local Selection Panel: A private event with the Endeavor Canada Board and VIP mentors where you receive in-depth feedback and are considered for advancement to the international selection stage.


International Selection Panel: Global business leaders from across the Endeavor network provide feedback on your business and select new Endeavor Entrepreneurs.


Onboarding: Work with a dedicated account manager to craft an action plan that fully leverages the Endeavor network based on your strategic and personal objectives.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Services

The Endeavor Entrepreneur experience is high-touch and high-service. Your dedicated Account Manager can connect you directly to relevant peers and mentors, facilitate introductions to investors, share invites to exclusive gatherings and educational opportunities and help you to pay it forward.

  • Peer Network
    Network of Trust

    Endeavor Entrepreneurs join the largest community of successful growth-stage founders in the world. We help you curate your network within the community, linking you with the right peers to support you in your journey.

    Endeavor Entrepreneurs join local and regional communities and can plug into other Endeavor markets through network gatherings hosted around the world.

    Endeavor Verticals Programming unites founders by sector. Each Vertical has a specialized network of mentors, investors, and partners who founders connect with through curated one-on-ones and intimate group meetings.

    Endeavor Outliers is a year-long experience that brings together a cohort of our highest impact founders (top 5% by scale and growth rate) for tailored programming and networking among true peers.

    Endeavor Entrepreneurs can connect with peers facing similar challenges, regardless of market or sector, to learn from those who have been there in their shoes before.

  • Mentorship and Expertise
    Unrivaled Global Network

    Our global network of board members, mentors, and partners helps you tackle roadblocks to growth and provides inspiration to think bigger through a variety of engagements.

    Endeavor’s global network of industry experts and operators, with diverse functional expertise across 42+ markets, pays it forward by providing direct feedback and advice, sharing their experiences, and opening doors.

    Endeavor regularly supports the creation of Advisory Boards to guide entrepreneurs on specific strategic challenges (on a regular cadence for a set time period or on a one-off basis, respectively).

    Endeavor’s geographic reach supports entrepreneurs’ market expansion by plugging them into a massive network of Endeavor offices worldwide while also connecting them with founders who’ve pursued similar expansion.

    Endeavor can connect entrepreneurs with students and consultants from top-tier MBA programs and corporate partners to work on short-term projects. These partners often also extend their support as mentors and advisors.

  • Capital
    Navigating Growth Stage Funding

    With over $500M AUM in our own co-investment fund and decades of experience working with founders raising capital around the world, Endeavor is a valuable partner in our entrepreneurs’ fundraising efforts.

    Endeavor provides mentoring on all aspects of fundraising. Founders can tap into a global investor network with expertise across sectors and stages to receive objective feedback on strategy and deal structure.

    Endeavor facilitates warm introductions to top-tier investors around the world, and may send notes of endorsement to those who are considering partnering with Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

    Endeavor supports entrepreneurs in conducting their own due diligence on investors by facilitating confidential conversations within our trusted community of founders who have partnered with a prospective investor.

    The $500M+ AUM, rules-based Endeavor Catalyst fund co-invests passively in qualified rounds of Endeavor Entrepreneurs following the terms of a qualified lead investor.

  • Personal Growth
    Focus on Scaling Yourself

    Scaling your company requires scaling yourself. We provide founders with unique personal and professional development opportunities that help them grow and realize their potential as leaders.

    Endeavor hosts week-long Endeavor-only executive education programs with HBS, Stanford GSB, and INSEAD, focused on leadership, innovation, and scaling. Additional virtual programs can extend to executive teams.

    Endeavor’s peer circles provide founders with a safe space to zoom out, reflect, and grow as leaders. We also facilitate connections to vetted partners and coaches for individual and group coaching.

    We help Endeavor Entrepreneurs navigate the transition from their current company to their next company or project, embracing those who become serial founders, investors, and executives in other businesses.

“I believe it is the responsibility of entrepreneurs to enrich and give back to the ecosystem by sharing insights and connections.”


Pay it forward through Endeavor

Endeavor Entrepreneurs are passionate about inspiring, mentoring, and reinvesting in their communities and we provide a powerful platform to do so.

Inspiring the Next Generation

We elevate Endeavor Entrepreneurs as role models to inspire the next generation of founders; and offer opportunities for them to share their experiences directly with relevant audiences around the world.

Mentoring Fellow Entrepreneurs

Endeavor Entrepreneurs serve as mentors to fellow entrepreneurs who are facing hurdles they have already overcome, and to the future generation of Endeavor Entrepreneurs by reviewing candidates and serving as panelists at both the local and international selection stages.

Investing in the Future

Endeavor Entrepreneurs often allocate space in eligible financing rounds for Endeavor Catalyst and many have become LPs in the fund. Others will ultimately be invited to Join the Board of their local Endeavor office.


Here are some frequently asked questions we get about Endeavor and how we are different from other organizations that operate in the ecosystem.