Network of Trust

At its core, Endeavor is a Network of Trust made up of people who drive, inspire, catalyze, and promote real and tangible change in their communities. They share Endeavor’s mission and purpose to transform economies and propel prosperity through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our Global Community

Being global is a big part of our identity. The depth of our geographic expertise, our worldwide peer-to-peer network, and global footprint make us THE leading global network of, by, and for entrepreneurs.

We’re wired to forge global connections and turbocharge our entrepreneurs to go big and seek inspiration from those who’ve been in their shoes before. When you’re part of the Endeavor network, connecting with peers, staff, or mentors across the world is never more than an email away.

To see the global reach of our network, visit the Endeavor Global website below.

Our Local Community

Endeavor Canada’s national network consists of a Board of Directors, a small dedicated team, and a group of carefully selected peer entrepreneurs and mentors who are committed to helping high-impact entrepreneurs scale their companies in Canada and beyond.


Endeavor Entrepreneurs think big, scale their businesses exponentially, and give back from their success by inspiring, mentoring, and investing in the next generation of High-Impact Entrepreneurs.

Board of Directors

Endeavor Canada’s Board is composed of a select group of business leaders and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and sectors who guide the organization’s mission and growth in Canada.


Endeavor mentors are world-class CEOs, business leaders, investors, academics, and entrepreneurs that support Endeavor Entrepreneurs and candidates by sharing their experience and knowledge.