The Multiplier Effect

Transforming economies, one entrepreneur at a time.


companies valued at $1B+ founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 22 countries


jobs created by Endeavor Entrepreneurs


in revenues generated by Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 2022


in equity capital raised by Endeavor Entrepreneurs


years in operation

"Sustainable economies are dependent on high-impact entrepreneurship. What Endeavor does better than any other organization is to create entire cultures of entrepreneurship that spread within and between countries."

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn/Greylock
Endeavor Global Board Member

"Endeavor has a track record of helping high-impact entrepreneurs scale their enterprises which in turn will benefit the Canadian tech ecosystem and contribute to our long-term economic growth."

Susan Anderson, Cannonball Capital, INC.
Endeavor Canada Board Chair

"Endeavor doesn’t create entrepreneurship; it already exists in every country. We enhance the conditions under which it can thrive."

Linda Rottenberg
Co-Founder & CEO, Endeavor
Thought Leadership

Knowledge Center on High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Endeavor Insight is the research division of Endeavor that provides data-driven analysis showing what makes entrepreneurial ecosystems thrive. Our research team specializes in understanding the needs of high-impact entrepreneurs and evaluating the networks that enable them to scale up.

Access to Capital

300+ Investments Across 37+ Emerging and Growth Markets

Endeavor Catalyst is the rules-based, co-investment fund of Endeavor, set up to invest exclusively in Endeavor Entrepreneur-led companies and to sustain Endeavor’s long-term operations in a mission-aligned way.